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Isogemetric Analysis and Applications and final consortium meeting of EXCITING

Travel information

A bus connects the airport with the main railway station of Linz (Hauptbahnhof - Linz Hbf).

Go to the tramway stop, direction "Universität", which is located at the basement of the central station (the tramway runs underground).
There are two tramway stops, one for each direction. Make sure that you find the right one. Take either tramway no. 1 or tramway no. 2, direction "Universität".
Do not use tramway no. 3.

Buy a ticket from the ticket vending machine (€ 2,00). A single trip (not longer than 1h) requires a MIDI ticket. A MAXI ticket is valid for 24 h, and it costs approximately as much as two MIDI tickets.

Leave the tram at station "St. Magdalena" (about 20 minutes ride).
Change to Bus 101 and leave at station "Schatzweg" (about 5 minutes).
It takes you about 5 minutes to walk to "Bildungshaus Sankt Magdalena".

You can also take a taxi from airport to Bildungshaus, which costs about € 30,00 to € 50,00.

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Important dates

January 15, 2012: abstract submission
January 20, 2012: author notification
February 28, 2012: A confirmation about registration was sent out.


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